Pet Shops

Purebred puppies sold by pet shops and commercial kennels generally originate from mass-production kennels or puppy mills located in Canada and the United States. The buyers of these puppies may face many problems, including:

Background of Dam and Sire are Unknown:
Breeding stock of Commercial breeding kennels are usually not screened at all for heritable abnormalities, temperament, health or conformation faults of the dam and sire.

Unknown Rearing Practices:
Puppies destined for retail trade are bred and sold as a commodity. It is virtually impossible for operators of these 'puppy mills' to give an individual puppy the human socialization required to ensure normal temperament and behaviour.

Difficulties with CKC Registration:
Canadian Kennel Club registration is not automatically granted to dogs, but must be applied for and certain conditions must be met. Please note that not all U.S. imported dogs are eligible for registration.