Members of the GRCGT may apply to be included in the Breeders List. To be eligible, a breeder must:

1) Be an Ordinary member of the GRCGT.

2) Accept and follow the GRCGT Code of Ethics.

3) Pay the Breeders List fee for the current year.

The GRGCT will provide a web page of Breeder listings on the GRCGT site, showing the kennel name and the member’s name. If desired, the breeder may also include a phone number, e-mail address, web site address, a photograph (size as specified by the webmaster) showing one or more of the breeder’s dogs, and a paragraph of up to 60 words.

Members of the Breeders List are eligible to participate in an advertisement in the Dogs in Canada promoting the GRCGT, responsible dog ownership and listing breeders’ kennel names, with optional phone number and e-mail addresses. The cost of the advertisement will be covered the GRCGT and by the Breeders subscribing to the advertisement.

18 April 2010