We think Goldens are just about perfect, but there are a few people who should think twice before buying one.

If you are an immaculate housekeeper, be aware that these dogs shed on an ongoing basis. Grooming and regular household vacuuming are a must.

Goldens retrieve. They will find all sorts of things to carry and present to you when you least expect it.

Goldens are water dogs! Everything from the drinking bowl to spring mud puddles are considered fair game for a quick dip. Expect to do some towel drying and floor mopping!

If you feel you need a guard dog, perhaps another breed might be a better choice. A Golden may or may not bark and growl when a stranger arrives, however, these dogs tend to be “friendly marshmallows” and make simply awful protective dogs.

Goldens need daily regular exercise.

If you hate the cold and rain and feel that a 5 minute stroll down the street is plenty of activity, you may want to consider a less active breed.

All dogs are social animals and Goldens are perhaps a little more than most. They need human companionship and attention! If you work outside the home all day and are gone most weekends, please consider carefully if it is fair to keep any dog at all.

You may expect to pay $500-$600 per year for food and about $350 for basic annual veterinary costs. You should also budget for pet supplies and training classes.